Messianic/Christian Passover (Pesach) Seder in Meridian

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On the evening of Monday April 14th we will be hosting our second annual Messianic Passover Seder in Meridian, Idaho.

Messianic Passover Seder Meal

See below for details

There are a few times each year that I and my family very much look forward to. These times are the appointed times of HaShem, which also includes our weekly holiday of Shabbat. These come up about six times a year; three times in the spring & three times in the fall. You can find these times in Leviticus 23.

For the past decade we have been enjoying these appointed times, fellowshipping with other believers, learning about our G-d, and growing closer to Him.

Last year we opened our home for our first community Passover Seder. It was packed! We had nearly 40 people in our home, and that was without any advertising!

This year we are holding our second annual Community Passover Seder.

It will be held at the address and time below. If you are in the greater Boise/Eagle/Meridian/Nampa/Caldwell area, you are welcome and invited to attend.

Come take part in the Passover with us! Learn the messianic significance of Passover and see how it points to Yeshua, Jesus, as the Redeemer and Messiah of Israel and the world!

Treasure Valley Worship Center
50 W Spicewood Drive
Meridian, Idaho 83680

Time: 6:30pm
Cost: $16 adults, $6.50 children – dinner will be fully cateredPassover Seder in Meridian, Id

Please visit for more information and to purchase tickets!



  1. Hello is your photo a stock photo? I am trying to find this Seder plate.

    • Hi Ingrid, this is a photo of our Passover set. We got it from Dayspring and I think they will sell them. Sorry I didn’t see your comment before Passover!

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